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The Bairrada

"the true Tradition of Culinary, Wine and Tourism ..."


Mild and warm, this territory of the Central Region of Portugal, is characterized by a plateau of low altitude and a Mediterranean climate moderated by the Atlantic. The landscape reliefs falls saws Caramulo and Bussaco to the Ria de Aveiro and Mondego Basin.

The territory of Bairrada is full of historical and cultural points of interest and offers a great diversity and contrast striking landscape, where visitors can learn different and unique places in a few kilometers. The vineyards, the mountains, the spa, the river and the sea, complement the charms of cities and rural centers in eight districts of the Central Region - Agueda, Anadia, Aveiro, Canterbury, Coimbra, Aveiro, Oliveira do Bairro and Vagos.


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Being Bairrada a region that lives mostly of farming to natural food and that many of their customs have their origins there. Prepared with secrets and refinements, Piglet here is King Mutton and goat are also appreciated, particularly in splendid chanfana, and Negalhos or maranhos.

Than the sea offers originated in Region lagareiro cod, and eel fry, stew or sauce for piglet. A shot off the party come the sweets: the noodles, sweet rice, custard, bellies nun, bacon-heaven, crayons Agueda and loves the Curia to name a few.

Typical delicacies Bairrada wines rivaling in flavor and variety.


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Bairrada is geographically bounded to the south by the Mondego River , the north by the Vouga River , the east by the Atlantic Ocean and to the west by the mountains of Buçaco and Caramulo . This location makes this region a peculiar space in which a proper climate and a special terroir where clay predominates .

Its geology has clay-limestone soils of Jurassic and Triassic origin, derived from Pilo - sandy soils and alluvial soils Plistocánico . The most suitable soils for vineyards are the typical " clays " , with more or less clay content of limestone, creating the best grapes for fine wines soils . The unique characteristics of the region to its terroir and grape varieties autáctones level Bairrada wines made ​​from natural and unique products in the world . Wines with a strong personality and genuine flavor.

Wine production in Bairrada is documented since at least the Roman period , but more concrete evidence only emerged in the Middle Ages.

It was with the production of red wine that has become the Bairrada wine region recognized for excellence. However , white wines have been taking over the last century an important role, especially in the production of natural sparkling , in which the Bairrada pioneered in Portugal . Creating Sparkling happened more than 120 years with the influence of French who sent the region 's knowledge méthode champenoise , today officially designated or classic bottle fermentation method.

Despite its history, the recognition of the Bairrada region as demarcated wine region only became official in 1979.

The Bairrada wines , rich and soulful , depict the abundant land from which a surprising variety to one region.

Of all the varieties of Bairrada to the predominant Berry . For a good producer but late in ripening grapes . It produces intense wines in color , full-bodied , tannic and somewhat harsh. Among the white varieties Maria Gomes is principal . Production is good temper and must be harvested early. The wines of this variety are alcoholics but few acids pronounced aroma and soft mouth.


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